East Baltimore Bible Institute:
Mission: East Baltimore Bible Institute is dedicated to the fulfillment of the task set forth by Jesus in the Great Commission, which spells out that all peoples of every generation must hear the saving message of His gospel. We are preparing men and women to take the light of the gospel of Christ to every individual in our world today.

If you are one who has longed for an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of the scriptures. The East Baltimore Bible Institute (EBBI) will provide an opportunity for you. If you have searched for a Biblically sound and well balanced study program, you need not search any longer. EBBI will provide you with Bible instructions and classroom discussions that are void of harmful extreme options.

Sunset International Bible Institute Extension Courses are used by the East Baltimore Bible Institute as a significant portion of our curriculum. All courses have study guides, with self-exam questions, which give guidance to our discussions period. Your level of participation is totally up to you.

If you are interested in attending our school, please fill out the attached form and mail it to the address which appears on our brochure. This school is designed for adults and young adults desiring an in-depth level of study. This is not a school of preaching. EBBI is for anyone who has a desire to deepen their knowledge of the scriptures.

  • College-level, in depth Bible classes
  • Three different levels of study depending on studentsí needs
  • College credit available and transferable
  • Classes can be audited
  • Men and women students welcome
  • Some courses feature video lessons by Sunset International Bible Institute instructors
  • Qualified instructor and facilitators present at every class session

Download our curriculum and study program package: [PDF - 123KB]
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Serving East Baltimore
WE ARE ONE: The Body of Christ committed to reaching the world with the Gospel. We will strive to be successful in our quest to be good ambassadors for Christ. Our primary mission is to be servants to those in need and to introduce the gospel to the world, without addition, subtraction, or substitution.